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Big Lots is a department store that sells a huge range of products, including many overstocked items. There are around 1,500 locations in the United States. It was founded in 1967 by Sol Shenk.

Big Lots is a department store that has a huge selection of different types of merchandise. A lot of their products are particularly inexpensive because they sell items that have been overstocked or closed out. THey also have regular items that are regularly in stock.

Their secret for being so successful? The great prices! Big Lots sells everything you need: furniture, clothing, housewares, kitchenware, small electronics, drinks, and toys.

The awesome thing about Big Lots is they have tons of programs in place to sell their merchandise at super low prices. A weekly ad is printed, “This week’s deals” are found online, and you can sign up for even more savings through the Buzz Club Rewards. All of this information can be found right here, so have a look around to start shopping at Big Lots today.

Boots, Hippo, Porkchop and Tabitha used to star in the Big Lots’ famous ads.

Do the names Boots, Hippo, Porkchop, and Tabitha sound familiar? They’re the stars of one of the most famous series of television ads in recent years!

There is one small detail about these stars though – they’re all animals.

The characters are part of a campaign called “Pets Focus Group” that featured focus groups of animals having discussions about the quality of products made just for them.

The videos feature people asking silly questions and video footage of actual responses from the pets, like a funny expression from a dog or a cat casually ignoring everything that’s going on.

The ads were a huge hit with viewers. After all, lots of you have probably wondered what your pets would have to say about the things you buy for them, like their food or toys.