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Cabela’s is an outdoor goods store selling products for hunting, fishing, shooting, camping, and other outdoor recreation. It was founded by Dick and Jim Cabela in Nebraska in 1961.

Cabela’s specializes in selling all things related to enjoying the great outdoors. They sell products for a huge range of outdoors activties, including shooting, camping, boating and fishing, hunting, and camping. They also arrange hunting and fishing trips and help customers sell and buy used firearms.

Curiously, at the biggest Cabela’s location (which is in Ohio), there are live squirrels that live inside the store on a mountain habitat. You can often find taxidermied animals at Cabela’s stores, too.

To ensure that you get the very best deal on your purchases, make sure to check their official site ( and head to the section “Cabela’s coupons, promo codes, and special offers”. You’ll find a lot of different ways you can save on their products, including good deals on shipping.

Cabela’s outdoor stores sell products you might need for hunting, fishing, camping, and shooting. On their YouTube channel, they have a range of videos, including one to teach gun owners how to store their firearms safely at home.

They offer options such as gun safes, and have tips for how to select an appropriate gun safe (make sure it has at least 11-gauge steel walls and safe guards, for instance).

They also recommend different types of locks for gun safes, cleaning guns before storing them, and keeping ammunition separate from firearms.