Compañeros de lucha

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Film Description: Campamento Playas Pa’l Pueblo, the name given to a small circle of tents on the beach in Carolina, Puerto Rico, where a handful of environmental activists have lived for six years, weathering mosquitoes, storms and heat, to protest the development of a Marriott Hotel. Filmmaker Juan C. Dávila moves into the camp and explores the unique personalities, deep passions and determination of the people who are fighting an ongoing battle to protect the beach. In the shadow of a multi-million dollar construction project, a ragtag group of concerned activists come together and show how the power of the people can defeat a giant. Dávila, a young filmmaker who has an interest in socially-conscious films, first focused on the beach activists when he crossed paths with them while acting in an environmentally-themed play at university in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Intrigued by their great personal sacrifice for their cause, he decided to document the inhabitants of the camp and capture their progress. Along the way, he obtained archival film footage of their battle with Marriott, and the story of Compañeros de lucha came to life.

Directed and produced by: Juan C. Dávila
Alfredo ‘Erizo’ Nieves, Ricardo ‘Watusi’ de Soto, Alberto ‘Tito Kayak’ de Jesús, Imac Morales, Pedro Saade, José A. Hernández Mayoral
Running Time: 57:38
Country: Puerto Rico
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Production Company: Frutos Fílmicos
Distribution Company: Cinema Libre Studio
Official Selections: Rincón International Film Festival, Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival, Viva Cinema Film Festival, International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival, Puerto Rico International Film Festival (Vieques), Boston Green Film Festival
Awards: Best Documentary at Puerto Rico International Film Festival (Vieques)

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