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Department store Kohl’s is a great place to buy clothes, home furnishings and decor, electronics, and much much. Did you know that it was originally a grocery store?

Kohl’s has so many options- men’s and women’s clothing, Kohl’s shoes, jewelry, pet supplies, health and beauty products, décor, and electronics are just some of the things they sell! Some of the most popular brands sold at Kohl’s include Candie’s, Simply Vera, Juicy Couture, and Levi’s. Make sure you keep an eye out for Kohl’s discounts on all of these lines and products, as good deals come up regularly.

There are Kohl’s locations in 49 states. If shopping in-store isn’t for you or there isn’t a Kohl’s location in your state, then check out their online offers. Kohl’s credit card and Kohl’s promo codes are both excellent resources for saving big.

Kohl’s runs a social initiative called Kohl’s Cares that focuses on helping children in need. One of their latest projects is working with the Children’s Specialized Hospital to give children from ages 1 to 5 free developmental screenings.

The screenings will help parents receive information and educational resources about their child’s development. The hospital is the first one in the state of New Jersey that offers free developmental screenings, which are key to timely interventions.

Kohl’s also partners with the Autism Awareness Program at the same hospital. They have resources about children with autism for their families and friends, and practical tips for dealing with an autism diagnosis.

The Kohl’s Care program has raised over $231 million in aid for children’s health and education since it started in 2001.