La generación del estanbai

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Film Description: The Stand-By Generation explores Guy Standing’s idea of “the precariat” through the challenges of young laborers in Puerto Rico. A huge majority of the jobs offered to the new generation of workers are precarious. These are usually part-time and temporary jobs with low salaries that constantly threat the financial stability of workers. The documentary follows the lives of a diverse group of young college graduates struggling in a deteriorating Puerto Rico with an ongoing economic crisis. Filled with hopes, they work hard as they await better opportunities. Inequality rises, while the working class shrinks and is forced to a new class, the precariat class. Millennials entering the labor force are kept busy struggling from one week to the next, as their aspirations are placed on an endless standby.

Directed and produced by: Juan C. Dávila
Efraín Cortés, Keishla Ramírez, Jesús Salgado, Nelson J. Escudero
Running Time: 19:23
Country: Puerto Rico/USA
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Distribution Company: Third World Newsreel
Official Selections: Carmel International Film Festival, Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano (Havana Film Festival), Workers Unite! Film Festival, Festival Internacional de Cine Fine Arts, International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival
Awards: Best National Short Film at Festival Internacional de Cine Fine Arts

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