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Who wouldn’t like to shave a little money off their grocery bill? Save a Lot makes lots of shoppers happy with their low prices and discounts on great grocery products. They’ve got around 1,280 locations around the United States where you can go to save money while you buy food and drinks.

Save a Lot is a chain of grocery stores that operates on a hard discount model, which means that if you shop there you can make some major savings. They have all the stuff you’d want at a grocery store, including a bakery, a dairy section, a deli counter, frozen foods, fresh produce, seafood, snack items, and liquors and beverages. The difference here is that you’ll find very low prices. They have a smaller selection that your average grocery store though, which is one way you’ll save costs.

You can save more money by adding Save a Lot to your favorite stores right here. That’ll mean you always know when there are coupons and discounts happening so you can save even more money. Don’t forget to join their Smart Shopper Club in their official website,, which will deliver special offers straight to your inbox, along with ideas for how you can entertain and cook.

Save a Lot is popular with shoppers because it offers them the chance to buy lots of groceries at a low price, which is often much lower than it is at their regular grocery stores. You might be wondering – how does Save a Lot offer such low prices? Wouldn’t every store try to offer these prices? Actually, no. There are quite a few things Save a Lot does to lower prices.

One thing is that their stores are often smaller than an average grocery store. This means they can often convert an already existing building into one of their stores, rather than having to build one from scratch.

They also only offer a limited selection of products. They usually focus on their own label products, and often only offer one size of the product, although you will also see big brands in their stores occasionally.